Private Greece Tours

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Private Greece Tours is providing a unique way to experience the individual character of Greece cities and Greece’s popular historic and scenic downtown neighborhoods.

Different and distinctive from large, impersonal group tours, Private Greece Tours will take you on chauffeured journeys through Greece and Athens City’s most historic and thriving neighborhoods.

Many of the narrow and winding streets of centuries old Athens and Greek cities are Prohibited to bus and trolley tours which usually means that you don’t get to see the fabled and quaint side-streets of “Olde” Athens and Greece, moreover most trolley and bus tours don’t even leave the central city so your sightseeing trip is very limited.

This means that you’ll not visit the highest hill in Athens center the Lycabetus hill, the ancient agora, the roman agora, Hadrian’s library, the jet set of Athens center Kolonaki with its most famous shops …. but with Splendid Private Greece Tours……… you’ll actually get to visit the beautifully bricked neighborhoods of the back streets, and many of secrets of Greece.

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Athens Tours

You will find here a big variety of half day and full day tours in Athens. Visit the world famous monuments of the city and admire the birth place of democracy and many more that started here! Read more…



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Shore Excursions

Special designed private cruise and shore excursion for those cruise passengers are visiting Athens (Piraeus) for the day or even a few hours! We will pick you up at the cruise ship’s pier, tour Athens of the best of the city and at the end of your tour we will drop you off back to your cruise ship pier. Read more…



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Most Popular Tours

Sounds, Sights, Culture and Taste? Does it enlighten, enrich and entertain? These are the factors we had to wrestle with when choosing Greece’s Most Famous Tours, always with the great help of our clients. Read more…



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Day tours Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus

The Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus private tour is perfect for tho want to experience Classical Greece in One day. Starting from the famous Corinth canal, to the famous natural acoustic theater of Epidaurus ! Read more…



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Day tours Delphi

This private tour to Delphi will take you to the most celebrated place of the ancient world! All Greek kings and generals would visit Delphi to ask for the future of their kingdoms. The most uncompromised philosophers respected Delphi. Read more…



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Day tours Meteora

The Meteora tours is admire one of UNESCO’s world heritage, the Meteaora. The high rocks standing between Earth, wind and sky with its impressive Byzantine monasteries on the top of it! Read more…



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Day tours Olympia

You will be traveling through the picturesque land scape of Peloponnese passing close from many famous ancient cities sates like Saprta, Corinth and more to reach the birth place of the Olympic games! Read more…



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Christian day tours

In these tours you will be able to follow the footsteps of the apostle of the nations, Paul. Experience why he has chosen Greece for his first visits in the world and at the same time admire all the famous sites of the western vacillation! Read more…



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Wine Tours

The wine tours in the most important wine makers in Greece will allow you to understand the how our culture and wine is connected and to taste some of the many internationally awarded wines of Greece! Read more…



Multiple Days Tours in Greece


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2 Days Private Tours in Greece

Leave the hustle and bustle of Athens behind and enjoy a relaxing 2-day trip to Greece. You’ll travel by a private vehicle and visit both the Peloponnese and central Greece to discover the majestic beauty of Greece! Read more…



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3 Days Private Tours in Greece

Enjoy a 2 nights-3 days private tour to ancient and modern Greece. A journey that will restore all the historical aspects of the country into your heart and mind. A private trip will truly fascinate you. Read more…



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4 Days Private Tours in Greece

This 3 days / two nights private tour in Greece will refresh you and make you experience the power of te Greek spirit at its best. Explore, the unexplored Greece some of which are now converted into high end luxurious modern cities compiling the ancient glory. Read more…



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5-6 Days Private Tours in Greece

Enjoy a multiple day package in one of the most popular spots Shivpuri in Greece. This cultural and adventure tour package offers overnight stay that brings you close to the nature. Read more…



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7-8 Days Private Tours in Greece

A private tour that takes you across the landscape of Greece. Travel from Athens to North and south of Greece, experiencing the best of Greece’s culture, history and natural beauty. It’s a tour that provides an unforgettable look at the many aspects of a huge in culture and fascinating country. Read more…



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9-13 Days Private Tours in Greece

This multiple days trip delivers endless opportunities for fresh-air thrills, from Athens the crater of the western civilization, the gods of mount Olympus, the Byzantine monasteries hanging of the meteors, Pela the birth place of Alexander the great, the Navagio of Zakinthos island , the pearl of the Aegean Mykonos, the one in the world unique in beauty island of Santorini. Read more….